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Young & Informed: Credible News Sources For Kids

Written by Kate MacLean

Photography by Michaele Simmering, Photographed By Katrina Dickson

There comes a time in your young child’s life where they will no longer permit the blithe dribble of your news radio stations or your televisions. They will start asking heaps of questions, and given the current and ever-devolving state of our earth, government, pop-culture, and international relations, these questions become mighty tricky to contextualize to a child. It is neither possible nor advisable to keep them in total darkness about such matters. They have ears and eyes and can hear and see so much more than we realize. In fact, a 2017 Common Sense Media survey found that kids are interested in following the news. It concluded that because of their early and eager adoption of social media, they need to be taught how to engage with news, how to spot clickbait and fake stories, and how to look at the news with an objective eye and look for sources. So, when your kids start asking questions and show a curiosity about current events, engage them! There exist a myriad of news organizations out there that provide age-appropriate engagement. We’ve rounded up our favorite six for you here. Remember: thoughtful news analysis will give them knowledge, and knowledge will give them power.

The following are all ad-free, though this is not the case for every kid-news site, so beware when researching others.

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