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Your One-Stop Organic Baby Shop

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano

Photography by Photos Via Goat-Milk/Noble Carriage

When you become a mother, your priorities shift. And one priority that often rises to the top of many parents’ list is making sure their baby is eating mostly organic foods and wearing mostly organic threads.

Former art director Jen Hartford could feel this shift in the air, and in order to make sure like-minded parents could easily find high-quality, affordable, organic baby wares, she launched the online retailer Noble Carriage in September of this year.

The site features garments and toys from some of our favorite brands, like Oeuf, Winter Water Factory, Goat-Milk, Tiny Cottons, and Hazel Village, and also sells cleverly packaged gift bundles (and gift cards).

Each piece sold is guaranteed safe for your baby and the world, meeting at least 3 of the site’s 5 “noble standards:” 100% Certified Organic, Fair-Trade, Locally Made, Sustainable, Handmade.

In addition to the supremely adorable, cherry-picked items on the site, we love that Hartford is on a mission to explain why she believes why organic clothing isn’t just a bunch of baloney, and why it’s something parents should educate themselves about. (Hear her explanation here.)

Interested? Visit Noble Carriage and get to shopping!

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