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Created for Mothers Everywhere, Original Hemp Launches the NEW Relief Collection

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano

Photography by Photos Courtesy of Original Hemp

Moms. They do it all—from constantly running after littles to schlepping bigger kids to and from school, practice, and so on. Staying active is hardly a choice. Which is where Original Hemp comes in. The wellness brand’s all-new Relief Collection was formulated specifically with busy moms in mind, resulting in a lineup of CBD wonders that harness the inherent power of cannabinoids (like CBD and CBC), while also providing the benefits of proven supplements like tumeric, boswellia, and willow bark for a super-charged supplement to help moms stay energized and healthy. An ideal gift to give (and receive), the complete system treats the body inside and out and treats the source of the pain, not just the pain itself.

Here’s a breakdown of the powerful Relief Collection offerings:

Gummies are clearly not just for kids! The new Advanced CBD Therapy Relief+ 500mg Gummies is formulated to ease everyday aches, pains, and inflammation—naturally. Go a little too hard playing “horsey” at home? This one’s for you. The gummies are infused with broad spectrum hemp extract, alongside a host of other plant-based ingredients, such as boswellia serrata, ashwagandha extract, and magnesium—all helpful in soothing and reviving painful muscles and joints that are bound to pop up amidst motherhood and life.

Next up is Original Hemp’s Advanced CBD Therapy Relief+ Roll-On, which can easily be used on-the-go and any time of day. Whether you want to soothe aching muscles after a morning workout, get targeted relief before bed, or for rolling on in the car between those endless pick-ups and drop-offs.

Another form of relief comes in the Advanced CBD Therapy Relief+ 2000mg Drops, which are infused with turmeric, white willow bark, bioperine®, and full spectrum hemp extract. These water soluble drops are doctor formulated with high-quality ingredients designed to support joint health and antioxidant protection, and support a proper inflammatory response in one’s body. A perfect daily dose to take the edge off while getting sluggish kids ready for school in the morning—since the drops are water soluble, it makes it more bioavailable for your body to absorb all the nutrients packed inside just one dose!

The Advanced CBD Therapy Relief+ 750mg Capsules are ideal for popping in your mouth before—or after—a full day of #momlife. The capsules are crafted with boswellia serrata, turmeric, and 25mg of full spectrum hemp extract, for an easy-to-take daily dose of CBD relief to add to one’s holistic wellness routine.

Finally, a long bath with Original Hemp‘s Advanced CBD Therapy Relief+ Bath Bomb can be the perfect way to end your long day. You deserve a little “you time.” *Best paired best with a face mask and a glass of wine.*

Can’t choose just one product? You can try Original Hemp’s Advanced CBD Therapy 7 Day Relief+ Trial Kit, which includes mini-doses of all of the products mentioned.

Great for CBD die-hards and newbies—MOTHER readers can shop Original Hemp at 20% off by using the discount code MOTHER20 for a limited time!

Just head over to Original Hemp to shop and find out more.

This post is brought to you by Mother + Original Hemp.

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