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At Home With Perla Farias & Her Multi-Generational Family Of 9

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano

Photography by Perla Farias

It’s always a beautiful thing when one cool mama leads to another. Which was precisely the case when one of our recent subjects—Miami-based mom Celia D. Luna—listed today’s subject, Perla Farias, as one of her so-called “mom icons.” After checking out Perla’s inspiring Insta-feed (@xicana_mama) and her Chicana Mama blog, we knew we had to have this inspiring, activist-minded mother of four on the site, too. Much to our luck, Perla agreed to share her story with us, which includes living in a multi-generational household that was recently struck by COVID-19 (thankfully, all eight of the afflicted family members have recovered). Below, this busy mama takes us through her “Day in the Life”—from story time to FaceTime, laundry to pizza-making—all while discussing her current “new normal” and hopes for a better future ahead.

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  1. Lucy says...

    This was so lovely. I’m so glad you and your family all recovered from COVID. You are an inspiration.

  2. A says...

    such a sweet routine. She’s a wonderful mom to her crew <3

  3. Meg says...

    Probably my favorite “day in the life” post yet! Feeling so inspired, thank you <3

  4. Caitlin Van Dusen says...

    This was wonderful; so inspiring and moving. She is doing an amazing job, and with such grace and beauty and honesty! I would have loved to hear more about the other members of her multigenerational family and how they fit into her daily routine: it seems she is doing everything on her own, from laundry to cooking to childcare.

  5. Michelle says...

    This was fabulous!

  6. Katie says...

    Thank you for this lovely portrayal of such a beautiful, inspiring, and yet also very relatable family. And what a supermom!! So glad that everyone recovered safely from Covid-19.

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