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An Adorable New Kids’ Book Tackles Sibling Rivalry

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano

Photography by Photographed by Imagenfotografi

If you’ve got more than one kid, sibling rivalry or low-key competition between your offspring is likely something you’ve dealt with—or will deal with. It’s also the subject of the brand-new kids’ book Ready For The Spotlight, by New York Times best-selling illustrator Jaime Kim.

The South Korean-born artist, who moved to the U.S. when she was 18, used a true story from her own childhood to inspire her first foray into both illustrating and writing for kids.

“Unlike childhood Jaime, who was shy and passive, my younger sister, who is five years younger than me, was always active, full of energy, and enthusiastic about everything,” Jaime explains. “She enjoyed being in the spotlight wherever she went, so the day of my annual ballet recital was the worst day for her. My sister saw me being the center of attention, dressed in a beautiful costume and wearing makeup, dancing onstage, drawing applause from the audience.”

“One year, my sister, mad with jealousy, even refused to take a picture with me afterwards. My mom coaxed her to do it, but her facial expression—burning with envy—was captured in the photograph. Years later, inspired by her expression in that photo, I decided to create this story.” (Fun fact: the personal photo Jaime describes is featured on the back cover—you can also see it here!).

In Ready For The Spotlight, we see things from the perspective of the little sister, renamed Tessie, who is dealing with jealousy over her big sister, Maya, being the star of their upcoming recital.

While Tessie doesn’t get the lead in the performance, much to her disappointment, her freestyle dance skills wow her class—and her older sister.

In the end of the vibrantly illustrated book, the sisters realize they can share the spotlight and that they both have something they can learn from one another.

A sweet read to enjoy with kids of all ages—and especially with siblings—you can scoop up Ready For The Spotlight by Jaime Kim right here!

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