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Your September 2017 Horoscope

Written by Christie Craft

Photography by Illustrations By CEG Photographics

Where August met every sign with cosmic ups and downs, it appears that this month is all about progress and growth across the board. Read the general overview for our September horoscopes here, before revealing your personal, more positive forecast, below. -JKM 

September carries a calmness connected with the waning summer and coming academic year, but this month holds none of the traditional boredom or sleepiness of years past. If anything, all 12 signs are compelled to dive headfirst into pursuits that encourage genuine happiness and bliss in all aspects of our lives. Beginning on September 5, assertive Mars edges into logical Virgo, followed by Mercury turning direct in fiery Leo. These two cosmic aspects occur in the same degree of last month’s Solar Eclipse, stimulating its energy back to life. Anticipate a super-sharp intellect, a spiritual enthusiasm that feels brand new, and major, major progress in a creative work-related endeavor.

If you weren’t convinced that you have the power to manifest your own magic yet, let the Pisces Full Moon do the talking. This sweet lunation on September 6 pushes us to rely on our dreams and imaginations to envision success and genuine happiness. You’ll need to maintain solid faith in yourself and your sheer capabilities all month to win the race, but luckily fair Venus’ transit into Virgo on September 19 delivers the perfect ratio of discipline and work ethic to keep focused. A New Moon in Virgo on September 20 completely clears the cosmic atmosphere to create a clean slate for moving forward in your professional and creative life. Whatever you fall into near the new moon, lunation won’t—or shouldn’tfeel like a drag. Start the month following true bliss, and end the month with a concrete sense of purpose.

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