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Mother Essentials: Shazi Visram of Healthynest

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano

Launching a company during this unsettling time might not seem like a good idea, but for Shazi Visram (also the founder of Happy Family Organics), the timing also seemed extra pertinent. And so, she launched her second brand, Healthynest, on March 31st. Aimed at helping parents create a “healthy nest” for their families, the brand includes a variety of safe baby products and cleaning products, as well as parenting tools and educational videos from a host of experts. A mother of two (son Zane and daughter Asha), Shazi’s latest launch was inspired by her son’s experience with autism. After a seemingly typical 2 years of hitting his milestones, Zane (now 10), was diagnosed with regressive autism, leading Shazi on a quest to learn all she could about brain health and clean living. The resources she gathered and experts she met along the way are now incorporated into the EWG-approved Healthynest. To find out what products and practices are on this busy mom’s list of “Mother Essentials” click through below!

HappyBaby Clearly Crafted Pouches. “My entire family often relies on these from time-to-time as an easy and yummy way to get clean, organic fruits and veggies into our bodies. As the founder of HappyBaby, I’ve personally met all our farmers to ensure full transparency as to what’s in our baby food.” HappyBaby Clearly Crafted Baby Food, 10-Flavor Variety Pack, $30.99, Amazon.

Acupuncture with Dr. Reed Wang. “I have weekly appointments with my acupuncturist to keep me sane. Asha is actually his namesake—Asha Reed—because he helped bring her into this world! Now he teaches her Chinese!” Dr. Reed Wang Acupuncturist, Westport, CT, 212-810-1268.

Strawberry Kombucha. “I’ve been drinking one of these a day for years!” G.T.’s Enlightened Strawberry Serenity Kombucha, $4.29, Target.

Red Flower Cardamom Amber Oil. “The only thing I put on my face! The scent brings back warm memories for me, too.” Red Flower Cardamom Amber Oil, $50, Amazon.

HappyBaby Yogis. “This freeze-dried organic yogurt is so innovative and amazing! It’s like astronaut ice cream, and it’s actually good for you. I remember we made the first batch with individual cups of Stonyfield yogurt and now it’s a toddler and mom cult favorite.” Happy Yogis Fruit And Vegetable Snacks, $3.39, Target.

Healthynest Dish Cloths. “I love these plant-based cloths! One cloth replaces 17 rolls of paper towels and I’m always looking for ways to reduce waste. They can be washed or even microwaved to sanitize. Super easy!” Healthynest Dish Cloths, $15, Healthynest.

Lovevery Block Set. “I love everything Lovevery does! These thoughtfully designed, non-toxic toys keep my 3-year-old daughter, Asha, occupied and learning.” The Block Set, $90, Lovevery.

Healthynest Cleaning Concentrate. “This multi-purpose cleaning concentrate is made of a custom blend of plant and mineral-based ingredients and is EWG and MadeSafe verified. It can be used in so many different ways for our sensitive babies—hand soap, dish soap, surface sprays, and even laundry.” Healthynest Cleaning System, $90, Healthynest.

My iPhone. “It helps me stay connected and not distracted. I wouldn’t be able to run my businesses without it. I also love finding new apps, which keeps my young team convinced that I’m not a dinosaur when it comes to technology!” iPhone 11, $699, Amazon.

Cookie Dough Protein Bars. “I live on these during the days I’m on-the-go!” Bulletproof Collagen Protein Bars, $34.95 for a 12-pack, Amazon

Grisal Scarf. “This scarf might actually be my best friend. It was given to me for my 40th birthday and it’s never far from reach. Japanese cashmere + comfort = happiness!” Grisal Cashmere Scarf, $330, Paula & Chlo.

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer. “I love the premium, quality experience of using this and will never use another brand again. This hairdryer was actually the inspiration for our Healthynest diapers in terms of quality, efficacy, and beauty.” Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer Iron, $399.99, Amazon.

Haflinger Slippers. “These are still going strong after almost 5 years! Sometimes I wear them outside by accident and I’m almost certain everyone thinks they are super cool.” Haflinger AS Classic Slippers, $78.95, Zappos.

Floré by Sun Genomics Precision Probiotics. “My two kids, Zane and Asha, and I all take these everyday. Sun Genomics is a truly ingenious company that creates personalized probiotics based on your own microbiome. This is game changing for anyone with kids who have gut issues and is always guessing what probiotics to use. We’ve been working on healing Zane’s gut for years, specifically because it improves the symptoms of autism. Their lab reports are very accurate, and offer a personalized solution to help reduce inflammation, control germs, and improve nutrition retention.” Floré Gut Test + Precision Probiotics, $297, Sun Genomics.

The Environmental Working Group. “The EWG is my go-to resource for science-backed information on what’s safe for my family to consume and bring into our environment. I love the Skin Deep Database, the Annual Clean 15, and Dirty Dozen lists. I also keep up with their Clean Water Database, which shows the quality of local water. We all deserve to know what’s in our food, products, and water.” EWG.org

A Picture of My Dad. “I always keep this on my desk to remind me of where I come from. He was my rock and the embodiment of love and generosity and humor.”

Handsome Brook Organic Pasture Raised Eggs. “I eat two of these eggs per day for the choline, and would eat three per day when I was pregnant! I know they were laid by hens treated with love and respect.” Handsomebrookfarm.com.

Healthynest Wipes. “I love our wet and dry wipes because they are made of 100% organic ingredients, MadeSafe verified, and are biodegradable, so I feel good knowing that they’re safe for my kids and the planet.” Healthynest Wet Wipes, $7, Healthynest

Embossed Wine Glasses. “Specifically ones featuring our dearly departed dog, Willy. I am always toasting to his special life!” 

Paul Simon Radio. “We always have this playing on our Amazon Alexa (who also has corny jokes that are fun for long days).” PaulSimon.com.

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