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It’s Baaack! The Dashes + Moons 6-Piece Collection By Solly x JP

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano

Photography by Photo Courtesy of Solly Baby

You know when a design is so good you just can’t get it out of your head? After, of course, it sells out like hotcakes?! Such is the case with the now-iconic Solly Baby x Jenny Pennywood Dashes + Moons print that debuted just over two years ago. For those of us mamas who weren’t lucky enough to scoop up the one-off Solly wrap in a bold, made-ya-look, black-and-white design of abstract squiggles and loops—the print is now back and the capsule collection is bigger and better than before!

That’s right. The wrap-stars over at Solly have brought back the Dashes + Moons print for a 6-part collection, comprised of a Crib Sheet ($38), Solly Wrap ($65), Swaddle ($23), PJ Set ($38), Baby Beanie ($12), and Sleep Gown ($38).

“Beyond just the demand to bring this print back, I love being able to put beautiful design in the world in a functional way for mothers who, when they see it, can literally see the merging of their former selves and their developing self and family,” Solly founder Elle Rowley tells us about the restock. “Postpartum can be such a disorienting time in terms of identity. I think having those reminders is empowering and validating in an often insecure time of life.”

Take a look through our slideshow below to get a peek at the entire Dashes + Moons line, and be sure to head over to Solly’s site to shop the collection. You can also check out our profiles on co-creators Jen Garrido and Elle Rowley while you’re at it.

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  1. Lydia says...

    I have aged out of this phase of parenting – mine are a little older now – but this duo is dynamo.. we loved our solly wrap, and I live in my jenny pennywood x wiksten colabs ..need to be gifting this gorgeousness now!

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