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20 Swaddles We Love

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano

Photography by Serena Mitnik-Miller's son, Photographed by Nicki Sebastian

As anyone will tell an expecting parent, swaddles are a baby registry must. In essence, a swaddle is a large piece of fabric (traditionally muslin) that you wrap around your newborn in an oh-so-specific way in order to swathe your baby tightly to mimic a womb-like coziness, as well as immobilize their arms in order to cut down on the random movements that will often wake your child up. While swaddling doesn’t work for every newborn (some say their kid just won’t tolerate it), many parents swear by the method in order to calm their baby and keep them sleeping for longer periods of time. If nothing else, the versatile item can be used as a blanket, to wipe up baby spit, and as an area to change your baby, so you might as well have one or two that you absolutely love in your possession—trust us, you’ll be seeing them in a lot of those precious newborn photos. Below, 20 of our favorite designs currently on the market.

And, once you need it…the best advice for How To Transition Out Of A Swaddle (around 4-6 months).

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