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Survey Says: The Top 10 Motherhood Challenges

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano

Photography by Jess Brown Photographed by Maria Del Rio

Motherhood is challenging, as any mama knows. And although it’s obviously also incredibly rewarding, the stresses of raising children can definitely pile up, which is why a new survey set out to discover the top 10 challenges mothers face, and try to offer suggestions to ease those pains.

After polling 500 women from across the U.S., the research found that the top 10 stresses are as follows:
1. Feeling overwhelmed.
2. Being patient.
3. Dealing with tantrums and challenging emotions.
4. Balancing home and work life.
5. Worrying about one’s children.
6. Day to day parenting challenges, like feeding and toilet training.
7. Sleep deprivation.
8. Feeling distracted and disconnected.
9. Feeling isolated and lonely.
10. Feeling judged by other parents.

Um, how many of these are you saying a resounding “yes” to? We’re guessing a lot. (Other concerns included the relationship with one’s partner and a one’s own health and fitness.)

The leader of the research, psychologist Kellie Edwards, launched a site, Mindfulness 4 Mothers, to help moms deal with all of the issues above. The site includes a $59 online training program that helps moms practice mindfulness to “restore their own inner calm and establish a closer connection with their children.”

All sales pitches aside, we think the resources page on the site (which is totally free to access) is a good starting point. It features a little briefing on what mindfulness is (in essence, staying rooted in the present and stopping your wandering mind), as well as a list of books about becoming happier, and raising happier kids. Which we think we can all agree is a good goal.

Honestly, the research mostly got us thinking: What are the top motherhood challenges in your eyes? Leave us a note in the comments!

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