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Baby Names

The Hottest Baby Names Of Summer 2016

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano

Photography by Elaina Bellis Photographed by JAMES BRANAMAN

We love a summer baby. And we love a good baby name list. So, naturally, we’re intrigued by Nameberry’s latest roundup of the 20 hottest baby names of summer 2016. The moniker-driven site compared data from June 2015 and June 2016 to see which baby names made the biggest jumps in being searched. While these somewhat surprising names will probably not end up ranking high on the Social Security Administration’s official list next year (save for the already popular Ruby, Jace, Theo, and Jude), they do signal a nod to a few recent pop culture moments and a signal of naming trends to come.

See the list below, and head over to Nameberry for more origin stories and fun facts behind these rising names.

1. Thomasin
2. Leire
3. Rae
4. Eden
5. Wren
6. Ruby
7. Cala
8. Bernice
9. Vega
10. Francine

1. Kylo
2. Corin
3. Rex
4. Colm
5. Oak
6. Jace
7. Theo
8. Dane
9. Orion
10. Jude

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