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Photographed by Thompson Homonnay

10+ Mothers Of Twins Sound Off On Their Experiences & Advice

Written by Sara Langer

Photography by Charmin Roundtree-Baaqee Photographed by Thompson Homonnay

Twins and multiples are becoming much more common these days. In fact, the birth rate for twins has risen by 76% since 1980! That being said, overall, twins still make up a small percentage of births each year, accounting for 5 of every 1,000 births in the United States. According to Multiples of America, increased use of fertility treatments, advancement in modern medicine, and older maternal age at conception all contribute to the rise of twin births. Women have elevated levels of FSH (follicle-stimulating hormone) as they age, which can make it more likely to conceive multiples. And an estimated 1.6% of births in 2013 were the result of assisted reproductive technologies (ART) alone. Because of this rise in twin births, we know we have more and more readers who are new or soon-to-be twin mamas. Becoming a parent is overwhelming, but consider what it must feel like to know you are bringing two new babies into the world. Below, we tapped a group of twin moms from around the country to share their experience—from their initial reaction to finding out they were expecting x 2, the looming fears and concerns of raising twins, and the advice they have for other twin moms. Read on below to get to know these moms juggling the magic and joy of twins.

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