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Mother Essentials: Zoë Foster Blake

Written by Erin Feher

Do you know Zoë Foster Blake? The answer to that question probably reveals which side of the globe you call home, but we have a feeling that distinction will soon be erased. Today’s Mother Essentials star, Zoë has long been a household name in her native Australia, where she’s a beloved author, columnist, television writer, social media star, magazine cover girl, and founder of the cult beauty brand Go-To. But whether you’re a preexisting fan or not, it’s pretty much impossible not to be immediately hooked by her charm and impressed by her prolific output: she was the beauty director at both Cosmopolitan and Harper’s Bazaar, founder of the beloved Go-To skincare line (which debuted in the U.S. on Sephora shelves last year), and is the author of nine books—three non-fiction titles, four novels, and one children’s picture book called No One Likes a Fart (needless to say, she’s also hilarious). Her latest gold star is her brand new line of skincare for kids: Gro-To. And while the adorable packaging might woo you, Zoë’s obsession with creating seriously stellar skin care will keep you coming back. Oh yeah, and did we mention she’s a mama to 5-year-old Sonny and two-year-old Rudy? To try and wrap our heads around how she does it all, we asked her to share her Mother Essentials with us right here! 

Creamy Concealer. “Having children has aged me about 400 years. Concealer is non-negotiable. I only use Tarte Maracuja Creaseless Concealer or It Cosmetics Bye Bye Undereye. They’re dewy, creamy, brightening, non-cakey (why would ANYONE want to wear concealer that enhances fine lines?), and fully conceal pigmentation and dark circles and other bullshit trying to make me look tired and aged.” Tarte Maracuja Creaseless Concealer, $37, Sephora; It Cosmetics Bye Bye Undereye Full Coverage Concealer, $34.93, Amazon

Spotify. “I have an addiction to music, and making playlists. My secret career goal is to be a Trent Reznor–level soundtrack composer for films. Anyway. I pretty much make a playlist for everything I/we do: pleasant mornings, kids calm down at night, Sunday afternoons, dancing before we go up for a shower, toddler music that doesn’t suck, a heartbreak list (I created a break-up app called Break-Up Boss so it goes with that), a past-the-heartbreak list (ditto), workouts, etc., etc.” Spotify.

Face Oil. “My own, of course. Go-To Face Hero. It’s our bestseller, and a true do-it-all, best friend and bodyguard for every face. I swore by rosehip oil, then I learned how often it was rancid by the time it got to the consumer. So I Frankenstein-ed up a way more effective face oil. I’m obsessive about it, and use it twice a day. It instantly boosts my skin, it soothes and calms any kind of flare up or irritation or post-treatment redness, and deeply rejuvenates and hydrates. It’s the desert island one; the favorite child.” Go-To Face Hero, $34, Sephora

My Husband’s Wattbike. “For years I chided him with his silly Lycra and clip cloppy shoes, and now I am one of him. I blame the efficiency of having a bike at home versus trudging to a spin class. Also, the efficiency of the exercise: 25 minutes and I am walloped.” Wattbike, $2,400, Sigma Sports.

Airpods. “A must-have for long work phone calls while cooking, for podcasts when I commute; for exercise. (You know, um, things that need headphones.) I panic if I can’t find them in my bag within two seconds.” Apple AirPods with Wireless Charging Case, $169, Amazon.

Gro-To Skin Wizard. “That oil I raved about up there, Face Hero, was the inspiration behind our children’s clean skin care, Gro-To. I was using Face Hero on my rashy, dry-skinned toddler, and the idea came to me, why not make Go-To for kids? Skin Wizard is an anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antioxidant magician. With over 10 plant oils (shout out to macadamia, calendula, and chia seed), squalane and vitamin C, it deeply nourishes, restores and calms even very cranky skin. (I use it on me, too. Ahem.)” Gro-To Skin Wizard, $24, Gro-To

A Glowy Base. “I’m a longtime fan of NARS Sheer Glow because it’s luminous, covers my pigmentation, and can be applied in about two seconds. I wear atop Laura Mercier’s luminous primer for extra glow points.” Nars Sheer Glow Foundation, $47, Sephora

White Boots. “Three pairs and counting. Isn’t it funny how we all just decided dark shoes were GONE? I just bought some knee-high Isabel Marants with a whisper of cowboy about them, and they’re so wrong that they’re perfectly right.” Isabel Marant Lestan Knee-High Leather Boots, $1.360, MyTheresa

Hair Tools and Trinkets. “I just few grew out my curly fringe and am deep into side-parts, short bobs, and straight hair, full ‘90s style. This has necessitated a lot of hair clips, and some new tools. The Ghd Glide is pretty amazing, especially since I hate stylers as a rule.” Ghd Glide Professional Hot Brush, $169, Nordstrom

Earbuds for Sleep. “I rely on the Bose Sleepbuds when my husband snores (when they don’t really work) and for when I travel for loud hotels and street noise.” Bose Noise-Masking Sleepbuds, $249, Best Buy.

Kids’ Picture Books. “My preferred art form. They so masterfully combine poignancy, and art, and humor, and heart. Some of my favorites are by Chris Haughton, Oliver Jeffers, Nadine Brun-Cosme, Jon Klassen, and of course, the Julia Donaldson/Axel Scheffler double punch.” Kids’ books by Chris Haughton, Oliver Jeffers, Nadine Brun-Cosme, Jon Klassen, and Julia Donaldson/Axel Scheffler.

The Americano. “Campari and Soda is my go-to drink, or a Negroni if I’m feeling raucous. An Americano sits elegantly in the middle of these two, and since they’re fairly light on alcohol, you get to have a couple.” The Americano.

Seth Godin. “Seth is my mentor; he just doesn’t know it. I love Seth’s podcast and his blog and his brain; he has been a huge influence on how I think about marketing and branding and how I value my time and attention.” Seth Godin

Playful Jewels. “I love Anni Lu jewelry. I update my earrings and bracelets with quirky little newcomers every few months, and Anni’s stuff is colorful, well-made, and a bit fun and exciting. I also like Cleopatra’s Bling and Lucy Folk.” Anni Lu Rice & Shine Bracelet, $80, Barney’s.

Prestige TV. “Before kids, I never watched TV at night. I was sassy! I was out! Drinking and eating! Writing books! Now, I am tired. Now my husband and I are wholeheartedly part of the binging masses. I am REALLY okay with this. My recent favorites are Euphoria, Succession, Russian Doll, and Fleabag. And Bluey and Storybots for the kids.”

Patterns and Color. “I dress not so much by my actual mood, but the mood I aspire to, so if I am a haggard shell ’cause my daughter is teething and was up all night, I will wear a hot pink sweater, checked pants, and silly yellow dad trainers. Just to teach my tired, foul mood a lesson. I lean towards Ganni, Acne, Rixo, Gucci, Zara, Isabel Marant, Stella Jean, Bassike, H&M.”

Taco Porridge. “I love riffing on our porridge every morning in winter, even though my kids would happily eat it plain, (so, um the theatrics might be for me.) We do party porridge (few drops of food dye, greek yoghurt, honey, and sprinkles), and power porridge, (seeds, nuts, dried fruit) and a new one is taco porridge (don’t vomit), which is where I lay out all the fruit and seeds and yogurt and they do their own toppings.”

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