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The E-Stroller Has Arrived—Meet The $1,400 Cybex E-Priam

Written by Erin Feher

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Photo courtesy of Cybex

It’s no secret that baby gear has gone totally high tech. There are smart changing pads, monitors that track a sleeping baby’s every breath, cribs with AI-like tech to sooth a fussy newborn, and even blue-tooth connected diaper sensors to let you know the instant your baby pees.

And now the old-fashioned stroller is finally getting the upgrade that many weary parents have likely long wished for: turbo power. Cybex recently unveiled the E-Priam, a high-design, electric-assist stroller.

But like so many of the recent innovations in parenting products, we had to wonder: is an electric stroller creating a problem that didn’t exist or is it solving a real problem we didn’t know we had?

We took the new smart stroller for a test drive to try and find out for ourselves. What struck us before we even took our first steps was the sleek and minimal styling. The E-Priam comes in the same flashy rose-gold-and-black palette as the original Priam (as well as all the same fun pattern options), and, like its analog predecessor, it folds up easily and is super lightweight (coming in at just 5 pounds heavier than the non-electric version).

But once we gave it a push, we discovered what sets it apart. Low-profile sensors in the handle bar monitor pushing and pulling effort, so the silent motor kicks in the moment it detects a slight struggle. A smart algorithm guides motors that are integrated into the frame. As a result, climbing even the steepest city hill should feel like strolling on a flat sidewalk. But there is no runway-train sensation that one might expect—once your hands are off the handlebar, the motor stops.

Traveling downhill is made equally easier, as the the motor works against the grade, almost like a smart brake, taking some of the weight off the stroller and again, making it feel like you are strolling on flat ground.

No hills in your hood? How about cobblestones, sand, trails, snow, or gravel? The motor kicks in when it senses any extra pressure, so rough terrain is made exponentially easier to travel over. The battery can last up to 30 miles, and fully recharges in just six hours, plugged into a standard socket.

The verdict? While we were honestly a little skeptical that an electric stroller would be a game changer, we have to admit that it made us realize how hard we have been pushing all these years! And with the proliferation of e-bikes, scooters, and skateboards, it seems only fair that new parents benefit from the same bump as everyone else while cruising around town. We think loads of parents will love the E-Priam—especially those already spending $1K+ on their chosen stroller—and it will hopefully encourage them to opt for walking over jumping in the car for shorter trips. And that’s an innovation we think is very necessary.

The Cybex E-Priam starts at $1,399.95, and is available for preorder now right here. It is expected to ship in late September, 2019.

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