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Mother Essentials: Morgan Hutchinson, Founder Of Buru

Written by Erin Feher

You’ll want to listen up to today’s Mother Essentials mama—Morgan Hutchinson is no stranger to juggling parenthood, business, and mental health. Morgan’s a mom of 3 (Olive, 7, Schafer, 3, and Carlyle, 3 months), the founder of BURU—an online shop of high-style pieces curated with moms in mind—and an outspoken advocate for people dealing with mental illness. She previously shared with MOTHER her own struggles with bipolar disorder and her difficult decision to go off meds during her pregnancies. And today, she shares all her must-have Mother Essentials for these strange times, from mood-boosting scents, to game-night favorites, to the soap that has her kids begging to wash their hands. Check out all 12 of her current Mother Essentials below! 

Signature Scent. “Nothing lifts my spirits faster than a fantastic scent. I’ve been wearing this for years and it still gets me every time!” Frederic Malle Potrait Of A Lady Perfume, $390, 24S.

Dressing For The Day. “Even though I’m not going anywhere, I find getting dressed everyday lifts my mood in an instant. This comfy, cotton shirtdress gives me all the Donna Reed vibes I need…as I feed my children take-out for the hundredth time!” Sleeveless Placket Front Shirtdress, $288, Buru

Hat. “For strolls around the block, I pop on this straw hat to hide my roots and block the sun.” Mère Hat, $68.50, Buru.

Bingo. “Who knew a nursing home favorite would become a Hutchinson tradition? Our kiddos absolutely love this bingo set—and the homemade prizes that come with victory!” Deluxe Bingo Game Set, $57.19, Oriental Trading; or Brybelly Wooden Bingo Game, $24.99, Walmart.

Candle. “My sweet friend hand makes these candles and they are to die for. No easier way to give your home a makeover than with a fresh scent.” Royal Fig Candle, $48, After Party Candle Co.

Sunnies. “These last 6 weeks at home without any childcare have my hubby and I working around the clock to take care of our littles and keep BURU running. The bags under my eyes are proof! Our Tired Mama Shades hide it all.” Tired Mama Shades, $38, Buru.

Eye Opener. “Other than red lipstick, no other make-up product awakens the face like mascara. I tried this one for the first time after meeting the fab founder at a luncheon and now I’m totally hooked.” Mile High Club Volume and Length Mascara, $26, Wander Beauty.

Crafts. “When all else fails, bring out the glue. I adore these kits from Kid Made Modern with all the fun, sparkly things to put together. It’s great for a range of ages.” Cosmic Craft Kit, $10.99, Kid Made Modern.

Hair Serum. “I’m currently nursing baby #3 and my hair is falling out in handfuls. Yikes. Though I haven’t been using it for long, there is something very therapeutic about taking a moment for myself to care for my very tired mom hair!” GRO Hair Serum, $40, Vegamour

Face Serum. “This new vitamin c serum is giving me life! It feels so good!” Counter+ All Bright C Serum, $79, Beautycounter.

New Night Clothes. “Dressing our littles in these dreamy night clothes reminds me of magical hotel stays and travel. I can’t wait until we are actually packing them in our suitcases!” Elizabeth Pink Blush Girls’ Nightdress, $101, Amiki Children; Samuel Double-Breasted Boys’ PJ, $119, Amiki Children.

Kiddo-Approved Soap. “All the handwashing gets old fast for our littles.  These ‘surprise inside’ soaps have encouraged them to keep washing…all the time.” Try Them All 3-Pack Soap, $33, Sohp Shop.

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