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Mother Essentials: Nabela Noor

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano

While Nabela Noor has had a lot of “big” moments in her 30-year-old life, the moment she’s currently having might just be her best. Not only has the designer, author, entrepreneur, and self-love advocate (with over 6.6 million TikTok followers, plus millions more on YouTube and Instagram) released her first children’s book this month (Beautifully Me!), she’s also just revealed she’s pregnant with a baby girl after suffering a devastating miscarriage. Read all about her two latest “projects” that are dear to hear heart as she spills her current mama-to-be essentials below!

Balance. “A major essential for me in this season of life is BALANCE! Now more than ever, as an entrepreneur, designer, author, and now mommy-to-be, it is so important to make space for all parts of my identity and understanding that first and foremost, I am an expecting mother, and with that comes the need to rest, take care, and prioritize balance. The Nabela I knew is still inside me, but the Nabela I am about to become needs the space and opportunity to bloom and I have to create the real estate in my life to give her a real chance to thrive. So balance, balance, balance is ESSENTIAL!”

Go-To Face Cream. “Skincare is so therapeutic for me right now. It’s my time to unwind and unpack or start the day. I love Dr. Dennis Gross’ Collagen Deep Cream for ultimate hydration.” Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Vitamin C+ Collagen Deep Cream, $71, Sephora.

Robe Life. “Give me all of the robes! My favorite robes are by Cravings by Chrissy Teigen. They’re silky, size inclusive, and so so so chic. I instantly go from drab to fab on my busy, lazy, or rough days just by throwing the robe on. An instant boost of confidence in a singular garment. I have every color and intend on buying backups!” Everyday Vacay Robe, $88, Cravings by Chrissy Teigen.

Beautifully Me! “My debut children’s book, Beautifully Me! A staple for my nursery, written for my future baby and inspired by my own childhood experiences, Beautifully Me! is a self-love themed picture book written to inspire conversations surrounding healthy self-image and how our own self-talk and self-confidence can impact the little ones growing around us. This book is the story younger Nabela needed to be reminded of her own uniqueness and individual beauty, and I’m so happy I could bring it to life not only for my own future child, but for children everywhere who are navigating their own tender self-love journey.” Beautifully Me, written by Nabela Noor and illustrated by Nabi H. Ali, $16.55, Bookshop and Amazon.

Nip Balm. “While this product seems to be geared towards nursing mothers, I experienced intense breast tenderness and sensitivity in my first several weeks of pregnancy. The Calm Your Nip Balm was such a soothing relief for the days when the pain felt unbearable!” Honest Calm Your Nip Balm, $13.49, Target

Lip Gloss. “I am addicted to Glow Recipe’s Watermelon Glow Lip Pop lip balm. It coats my lips with hydration and moisture while also adding a light pinkish tint to my lips which makes me look brighter and more put-together.” Glow Recipe Glow Lip Pop Lip Balm, $22, Sephora.

Benetint. “On the days where a full face of makeup is just not an option and even on the days when I want to go full glam, I am LOVING Benefit’s Benetint cheek and lip stain. It instantly brightens my appearance, brings life and color to my face, and is so easy to apply anywhere and everywhere with just your fingertips. I have a feeling this will be my secret weapon even more after pregnancy as well.” Benetint Cheek & Lip Stain, $18, Benefit.  

Stretchy Dresses. “I’m currently living in dresses. Anything that clings to my belly as it continues to stretch and evolve feels so uncomfortable. I particularly love Target’s assortment of stretchy, comfortable dresses that will grow with me as I continue to bloom due to the stretchy upper torso and waist area. 10/10 would recommend before, during, and after pregnancy.” Women’s Puff Short Sleeve Smocked Dress, $25.59, Target. 

Baby Blocks. I bought the most adorable wooden blocks for the nursery that I believe perfectly capture our home’s aesthetic. They’re classic, neutral, and chic.” Etched Wooden Baby Blocks, $69, Crate + Kids

Saara & Begum Candles.“For all of my fellow candle lovers, I can’t help but share the luscious candles from my home brand, Saara & Begum. They’re hand poured in Pennsylvania and smell sooo yummy. I am sensitive to smells right now and these fragrances are not offensive at all. Refreshing enough to lift our space with rich fragrance and light enough to feel airy and open. I am extremely particular about fragrances and cannot recommend Lemon Loaf and Santal Woods enough! Lemon Loaf for my baked goods fragrance lovers and Santal Woods for those who prefer more musky, clean fragrances.” The Homebound Candle Collection, $45, Saara & Begum.  

Simple Foods. “I am struggling with food aversions throughout this first trimester so far, but am able to comfortably eat bananas, apples with peanut butter, and cotton candy grapes. So they are absolutely essential for me in this season!” 

Soaking It All In.My final and most important essential throughout this pregnancy journey so far is giving myself the permission to soak in every little detail and experience. Especially after my miscarriage, giving myself the permission to embrace this pregnancy has been my most crucial essential—and once I did that, I knew I wanted to celebrate every single moment. So I take time each day to do just that. Whether I jot down some details of my pregnancy in my gratitude journal or take some bump pics or send endless texts about my experience in our family group chat, I am highlighting every moment as much as possible.” 

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