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Mother Essentials

Mother Essentials: Shennel Fuller of Miles and Milan

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano

Boston-raised, Los Angeles-based mama Shennel Fuller was a fashion executive with brands including Levi’s and Converse on her resume, when she became pregnant with her first son and started receiving boldly colored, firetruck- and baseball-themed outfits from well-meaning friends and family (much to her distaste). Not long after she welcomed Jackson (now 8) into the world, her long-time dream of becoming an entrepreneur synced up with her desire to build a minimalist, gender-neutral wardrobe for him and his little brother Quincy (now 6). Her black-and-white rooted brand, Miles and Milan, launched in 2017, and counts Eva Chen and Tyra Banks as fans, as well as the massive retailer Kohl’s, whom Shennel is partnering with this month, serving up the chic and affordable Miles and Milan x Kohl’s capsule collection. Read more about that, below, as well as the other Mother Essentials that are currently keeping the proud #BoyMom and high-school-sweetheart-turned-spouse (to husband Kobie) afloat.

Miles and Milan x Kohl’s Capsule. “It has always been a goal when building Miles and Milan to be a brand for everyone, showcasing timeless, no-fuss clothing, with a promise to offer style with simplicity. The journey of an entrepreneur can be long and bumpy, so it’s particularly special to have my boys witness their mom’s hard work come to life on a significant scale. I am so excited to launch a collection at Kohl’s during Black History Month and be able to reach more families, offering them quality and affordable fashion. Each piece in the collection is designed with love and care, ensuring that children (0-6 years old) can confidently explore their world in style.” Available in select Kohl’s locations across the nation and on Kohls.com.

Jeanuis Choice. “Much like my brand, I appreciate style with simplicity. I don’t use the term ‘quiet luxury.’ I much prefer ‘effortlessly chic.’ I always look for quality clothing that stands the test of time, and that doesn’t always require breaking the bank. Currently, my go-to pair of denim is the Zurie Straight by Citizens of Humanity. They are of great quality and improve with each wear. They are perfect for the office and a Girls’ Night Out.” Citizens of Humanity Zuri Straight-Leg High-Rise Jeans, $250, Net-A-Porter.

Dr. Sturm’s Darker Skin Tone Line. “I was very slow to develop a skincare routine. My grandmother, who aged beautifully, always told me to keep my face clean and moisturized. I was always afraid to try random beauty brands, quite frankly because they didn’t seem to cater to women who looked like me. So, when I saw Angela Bassett talking about Dr. Sturm’s Darker Skin Tone Line, I jumped at the chance to try the brand’s Discovery Kit, and I haven’t looked back. The serums are light and provide a nice moisturized glow that even my grandmother would approve of.” Dr. Barbara Sturm Darker Skin Tones 5-Piece Essentials Set, $115, Saks.

Whisking Up Memories Together. “I’m sad to report that even though my boys are older now, my mom guilt has not lessened at all. My boys are my everything, so when I have free moments, I’m big on creating memories with activities. After watching several kids’ baking challenges, I set out to find a local cooking class for my family. The Gourmandise School in Santa Monica offers weekend parent and me classes that allow my boys to be star students and become confident in the kitchen. I highly recommend taking a family cooking class in your local area, and if you can’t, The Gourmandise School is a women-owned business that also offers virtual classes.” TheGourmandiseSchool.com.

Shade Game. “I am addicted to sunglasses, not because it’s always sunny in California, but because they hide my puffy eyes after late-night scrolling on Instagram. I’m currently living in my Loewe cat-eye sunglasses, but my next pair will be the Loewe Inflated Pantos Round Sunglasses. I love how Jonathan Anderson takes classic items and gives them a quirky and fashion-forward twist.” Loewe Cat Eye Sunglasses, $380, Matches. Loewe Inflated Pantos Round Sunglasses, $380, Bergdorf Goodman.

Rosaluna Mezcal. “I plan to celebrate the launch of my capsule collection with my drink of choice: A Mezcal Last Word. If you don’t know what Mezcal is, think of it as tequila’s smoky older brother. If you’re interested in discovering the spirit, I would recommend Rosaluna Mezcal since it is light on the smoke and smooth on the finish.” MezcalRosaluna.com.

Sniffle Shield. “Nothing can dampen a celebration like a runny nose. Thankfully, this cold season, I’ve been able to keep the sniffles at bay with Mary Ruth Organics Kids Elderberry Liquid Drops and ChildLife Essentials Liquid Echinacea. Here’s to hoping we can enjoy the festivities without the sniffles for as long as possible!” MaryRuth Organics Toddler Elderberry Liquid Drops, $17.81, Amazon. ChildLife Essentials Liquid Echinacea, $8.69, Amazon.

Bearaby Blankets. “When the kids are safe and in bed, I love to curl up with my cozy Bearaby knitted blanket and a cup of tea. Bearaby blankets are weighted up to 25lb, and this combination feels like a warm hug, providing me with a sense of self-care and comfort that truly enhances my bedtime routine.” Cotton Weighted Blanket, $199, Bearaby.

Martie.com. “I’m always short on time, which means I barely get to shop for groceries. Thankfully, Martie.com allows me to stock up on shelf-stable groceries and household items from brands I would find at Erewhon or Whole Foods for up to 70% less. Martie partners with a wide range of top-notch brands to purchase surplus inventory and deliver them straight to your door! Not only can you stock up on groceries and household items from brands you love, but you are also saving the environment from excess waste.” Martie.com.

LEGOs. “With my hectic 24/7 schedule, sometimes I just need a few minutes of quiet. Instead of turning to a TV show, I always have a stockpile of LEGOs on hand to keep my kids busy and their minds active. The incredible variety of LEGO sets caters to every interest, and I’m particularly intrigued by the upcoming flower capsule. With over 90 years of history, LEGO must be doing something right.” LEGO Icons Tiny Plants Set, $49.95, Amazon.

Jennifer Fisher Hoops. “It’s amazing how a simple pair of hoops can elevate an outfit. I adore Jennifer Fisher’s hoop earrings for their lightweight feel and the wide range of sizes and colors available. Currently, my absolute favorites are the Maeve hoops in gold. Not only do they never tarnish, but they also add that touch of timeless elegance to any ensemble.” Maeve Mini Hoops, $600, Jennifer Fisher.

Hu Chocolates. “I’ve always had a massive sweet tooth, and while I try to control my cravings with small portions, sometimes it’s hard to resist those late-night trips to the kitchen. That’s where HU chocolates come to the rescue! Their Vanilla Chocolate bar hits the spot perfectly, satisfying my sweet tooth without any regrets.” HuKitchen.com and via Amazon.

Amino Acid. “Staying active is a priority for me, and I make an effort to move my body every day. Recently, I’ve discovered that adding amino acids to my workout water has made a significant difference in boosting my energy levels, aiding in muscle building, and enhancing post-workout recovery. My go-to choices for amino acid supplements are Kion and MuscleTech. I’ve noticed a significant improvement in my workouts and overall well-being when I incorporate them into my routine.” GetKion.com and MuscleTech.com.

Fancy Flats. “When it comes to my daily footwear choices, I prioritize a blend of style, quality, and comfort. If you spot me out and about, you’ll often find me wearing The Row ballet flats. These shoes offer the perfect combination of classic style and exceptional comfort. They feel like a second skin, allowing me to step out in confidence and ease.” The Row Ballet Flats, $820, FWRD.

Hometown Pride. “As an east coaster through and through, my heart belongs to Boston. While I don’t get to visit my hometown as often as I’d like, I keep the spirit alive by proudly sporting my favorite Red Sox hat. Despite calling Los Angeles home for over a decade, there’s something about that classic cap that resonates with me. It’s not just about baseball; it’s a symbol of my Bostonian identity. I wear it with pride, reminding myself of the strong ties I have to the city where I grew up. Boston Strong, no matter where life takes me.” Red Sox Cap, $16.89, Amazon.

Living By Faith. “Running a business can be stressful and maintaining a positive outlook can be a challenge. I grew up with a strong faith that has become essential in both my work and personal life. Lately, I’ve been taking a moment each day to reflect on my journey by reading Created to Dream by Rick Warren. This book has helped me stay positive and focused, preventing negativity from taking over. Embracing faith brings peace in stressful times and infuses my life with hope and resilience.” Created To Dream, $8.99, Amazon.

The Ultimate Essential. “Lastly, the most vital Mother Essential is my family. My boys inspire me, my husband uplifts me, and, above all, they fill my life with love. I am deeply grateful to God for the blessings they bring into my life.”

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