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Spencer and Kelly’s Pregnancy and Fatherhood Journey: The Second Trimester

Written by Erin Feher

Photography by Peter Darnley-Stuart

Last week we introduced you to Spencer and Kelly Dezart-Smith—a married couple living in Sydney, Australia, who were navigating those first blissful, nerve-wracking months of pregnancy. Spencer, the gestational carrier, is a transgender male who was born in the tiny farming town of Blackheath, Australia, while his husband, Kelly, is a first generation American, born to Haitian immigrants in New Jersey. When we last checked in with them, they were just coming up on 11 weeks, and still holding on to some nerves, as their previous pregnancy had ended in miscarriage.

This week, the couple invites us back into their home—where a sweet little nursery is starting to take shape—and opens up about everything from pregnancy cravings (hot soup on 100 degree days) to sharing the big news with friends and family to the challenge of shopping for maternity clothes as a man. We also join them at their doctor’s office as they get their long-awaited 20-week scan—and receive some unexpected news that revives some of the worry and apprehension that they had thought was behind them.

We are beyond honored that Spencer and Kelly agreed to open up their lives and their highly personal journey to us. We began photographing and interviewing them before most of their family and friends knew they were expecting, and continued throughout their entire pregnancy and beyond. Their candid, perceptive responses to our questions tell a story that is at once beautifully unique and completely relatable to any and all parents everywhere. While some of their struggles and experiences may seem radically different to some, their joys, fears, and hopes for their child and their future as a family are undeniably identical to those of any expectant parent. Click through the slideshow below to see what life is like for Kelly and Spencer during the second trimester.

This is part two in a five-part series. We invite you to follow along each week as they allow us into their home, their doctors’ offices, and their relationship, and cheer them on as they go through the experience of a lifetime.

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  1. Laura says...

    On the edge of my seat! Massive gratitude to Spencer and Kelly for sharing such a personal experience with the world at large. Their love and dedication to one another is beautiful. They both seem incredibly gracious – not settling for ignorance or judgement, but understanding that it takes time. I appreciate that they’ve embraced this opportunity to use their unique story as a moment to inform others, and allow us to celebrate their wonderful journey.
    I’m rooting for you both!

  2. Oh thank you Spencer and Kelly for sharing your beautiful story of becoming a little family. Much love and positive vibrations from just north of Sydney xx and a x for your baby.

  3. Sid says...

    Love this beautiful series! I get tears in my eyes reading their story. That’s one lucky baby :)

  4. Julia says...

    Just love their story.

  5. Catherine says...

    Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful series! Spencer and Kelly’s baby will have such a loving record of this time.

  6. This made my day! Spencer and Kelly give me so much hope. One day, my son will be in their shoes as he wants to carry his own babies. You humans give us so much to which we can look forward!

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