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Spencer and Kelly’s Pregnancy and Fatherhood Journey: The Third Trimester (And Baby Shower!)

Written by Erin Feher


For those of you who have become loyal followers of the story of Spencer and Kelly Dezart-Smith, two incredible dads-to-be who are graciously sharing their pregnancy journey with MOTHER, this is a big week! Spencer is 38 weeks pregnant, and just days away from finally giving birth! This week, the couple invites us all into their gorgeous baby shower, held in a cousin’s stunning Kings Cross flat with a view of the Sydney skyline. It’s a truly special occasion, as many of their closest friends and supporters from the queer community and their biological family members meet for the first time. Spoiler: It’s a love fest. Spencer and Kelly also show us around their new home—they had been hoping to move into a bigger place before baby arrives, and recently found the perfect spot. Finally, they let us accompany them to one of their final parenting classes, where they get schooled in the fine art of swaddling.

For those of you joining us for the first time, Spencer and Kelly are a married couple living in Sydney, Australia. Spencer, the gestational carrier, is a transgender male who was born in the tiny farming town of Blackheath, Australia, while his husband, Kelly, is a first generation American, born to Haitian immigrants in New Jersey. They generously agreed to open up their lives and their highly personal family journey to us. We began photographing and interviewing them before most of their family and friends knew they were expecting, and continued throughout their entire pregnancy and beyond. Their candid, perceptive responses to our questions tell a story that is at once beautifully unique and completely relatable to any and all parents everywhere. While some of their struggles and experiences may seem radically different to some, their joys, fears, and hopes for their child and their future as a family are undeniably identical to those of any expectant parent. We invite you to follow along each week as they allow us into their home, their doctors’ offices, and their relationship, and cheer them on as they go through the experience of a lifetime. Click through the slideshow below to see what life is like for Kelly and Spencer during the third and final trimester of pregnancy.

This is part three in a five-part series.  

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  1. So much to love here! Congratulations and cheers for baby! If we weren’t a world apart, I’d bring you a hot meal and a bottle of wine! And Kelly….love your shower outfit!

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