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Mother Essentials: Mia Funt, Co-Founder of ByHeart

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano

Today’s mom knows a thing or two about new-mama survival tips and tricks. Not only is NYC-based Mia Funt a mother of three youngsters (Neve, 6, Rafael, 4, and Simone, 9 months) she’s also completely immersed in the needs of babies and moms as the co-founder and president of ByHeart, an innovative next-generation baby nutrition company. The brand is the first of its kind in over 15 years to boast its own manufacturing, research and development facilities, and ingredient sourcing, in order to offer supreme oversight and standards. This quality control is apparent in ByHeart’s brand-new Whole Nutrition Infant Formula, filled with the cleanest ingredients (and crafted without corn syrup, maltodextrin, palm oil, and soy). Check out Mia’s Mother Essentials below to see what other products on the market meet her impressively high bar!

Luxury New Mama Staples. “Eberjey PJs, a Parachute robe, and HATCH’s ritual belly mask. I’m such a believer that when you’re feeling cozy and calm it can make all the difference. Babies feel our energy. Sometimes when my baby has a tough time latching, or taking the bottle, or is uncomfortable and crying, I notice it has a lot to do with me not being comfortable. We’re interconnected.” Gisele Long PJ Set, $128, Eberjey. Cloud Cotton Robe, $109, Parachute. Belly Mask, $12, HATCH.

Setting The Mood. “There is so much power in setting the mood. It really helps with babies and kids (just like it does for adults!). I’m a big fan of music and night lights—I use a Konges Slojd crib mobile for the music and with my big kids we project stars on the ceiling with the Can You Imagine projector.” Konges Slojd Musical Moon & Star Mobile, $53, Maisonette. Can You Imagine Laser Twilight Projector, $111, eBay.

Baby Essentials. “A snotsucker and gripe water—I couldn’t live without them. Plus, Earth Mama’s Booby Tubes and nipple butter. Gotta keep the tatas happy. The boob tubes are a nice way to massage your boobs when they are sore, but the DIY trick is to put some rice in a sock and heat it up in the microwave—then use that to relieve the soreness!” Snotsucker by Frida Baby, $15, Amazon. Mommy’s Bliss Original Gripe Water (2-Pack), $19.23, Amazon. Earth Mama Booby Tubes, $24.99, Amazon. Earth Mama Organic Nipple Butter, $12.54, Amazon.

Girl Power Books by Andrea Beaty. “We adore Rosie Revere, Engineer and all the Andrea Beaty Books. My inner feminist loves reading these books to my older daughter—and my son! There’s also Sofia Valdez, Future Prez and Ada Twist, Scientist (so genius).” Andrea Beaty Books, $12.87, Amazon.

Matching Style. “I love anything matching. When Simone was born, my girlfriend got matching Little Sleepies pajamas for all 3 kids and it made the big kids feel like they were a crew with their new baby sister, which was so sweet and helpful with bonding! Also, they are super soft and cozy. I also love Maisonette’s Mommy and Me shop—I can’t help wanting to match with my girls, too (and be part of their crew)!” Matching Family PJs, $33, Little Sleepies. Mommy & Me Shop, prices vary, Maisonette.

Go-To Carryall. “I love my Dagne Dover diaper backpack, because mama’s gotta feel good. The backpack is stylish and also functional, with a bunch of useful compartments. It’s a baby bag I’d wear as a backpack pre-baby too, especially in my favorite Dune color. Dad loves wearing it as well, which is a plus!” Indi Diaper Backpack, $185, Dagne Dover.

Good Food (For All): “For babies: buffet-style feeding with the Spectra pump and Willow pumps are a revelation. For kids, Yumi snacks or MadeGood chocolate granola bars in a pinch (okay…on the regular!). For me: Sakara meal plans and Daily Harvest smoothies to feel my best!” Spectra S1 Plus Electric Breast Pump, $200, Amazon. Willow Generation 3 Wearable Breast Pump Kit, $549.99, The Tot. Yumi Blended Bites, prices vary, HelloYumi.com. MadeGood Chocolate Chip Granola Bars (40-Pack), $25.63, Amazon. Sakara Meal Plan, prices vary, Sakara. Daily Harvest Meal Plan, prices vary, Daily Harvest.

The Pigeon Books by Mo Willems. “I’m in love with these books because they are so funny—especially The Pigeon Needs a Bath. The kids always laugh—and humor before bed is such a nice way to end the day.” The Pigeon Needs a Bath, $9, Amazon and Bookshop.

Dada Daily. “I love hosting friends and—since becoming a mom—I host more than ever. I love Dada Daily’s beautiful, quirky, delightful home and entertaining décor. The candles, the bowls, the boob chocolates…they make me happy. A dose of daily fun.” DadaDaily.com.

ByHeart Formula. “I couldn’t be prouder to have worked alongside my brother and co-founder Ron—and an incredible team—to bring new parents an infant formula they can finally feel proud of. ByHeart Whole Nutrition Infant Formula just launched on byheart.com and my baby Simone was our first customer! I’m also using Growns Baby food maker for quick and easy prep of veggie purees for slow introduction of solid foods.” Whole Nutrition Infant Formula, $39, ByHeart.com.

Bath & Shower Time. “This time with my kids is my meditation. My shower trick with a baby is to put a small hand towel between you and baby so you’re not stressed about her slipping out of your arms. For big kids I love the Munchkin Bath Letters and Numbers to stick on the walls of the bathtub. It’s how my kids learned how to count!” Munchkin 36 Bath Letters and Numbers, $5.95, Amazon.

Lovevery Play Kits. “I’m obsessed with my Lovevery subscription for baby toys, targeted by age—and it’s actually beautiful, modern décor, believe it or not!” The Play Kits, $80 to $120 per shipment, Lovevery.

Outdoor Time. “I relax by taking long walks with my husband and kids. When I had my first baby, my pediatrician advised to get outside at least once a day. Until this day, the fresh air keeps me sane. I love the genius Doona Stroller and Car Seat in one, and the Mockingbird stroller, as well as the Baby Beco or Solly Baby carrier for bringing baby on the move. When kids get older, scooters are a must-have (and scooter heads and helmets from Micro Kickboard are fun scooter accessory gifts!).” Doona Infant Car Seat/Stroller with LATCH Base, $550, BuyBuy Baby. Mockingbird Single Stroller, $395, BabyList. Organic Baby Carrier, $140, Beco. Tidal Baby Wrap, $90, Solly Baby. Scooter Head, $25, Micro Kickboard. Nutcase Helmet, $59.99, Micro Kickboard.

Aiden + Anais Blankets. “I constantly have at least two of these on me for every issue in the world—from spit-up to warmth to blocking the sun! My son drapes himself in these blankets and calls them his ‘mine mine.’ It’s his absolute must-have.” Cottin Muslin Dream Blanket, $39.99, Aden + Anais.

SwaddleMe Cheat Swaddles. “Certain things about new babies are terrifying in their complexity, like swaddling! These ‘cheat swaddles’ saved me because they are so easy to use and took out the stress of bedtime. Also, as soon as I discovered a zip onesie or a baby nightgown (no zips or buttons), my life changed. Who could ever go back to snapping buttons? Carters and Pehr (Pehr everything!!) are my favorites.” SwaddleMe Swaddles 3-Pack, $31.99, Buy Buy Baby. Pehr Luna Sleeper, $28.50, Maisonette.

Coconut Water. “By the gallon!” Harmless Harvest Organic Coconut Water (16 oz. 12-Pack), $84.99, Amazon.

Parenting Wisdom. “Dr. Becky Kennedy, Erica Chidi, and Jennie Monness of Union Square Play. They’re always in my pocket–and I carry them everywhere! They bail me out of tricky situations or give me great ideas for being a fun mom or taking care of myself so I can take care of everyone around me–they are my go-to on Instagram. Grateful for these brilliant ladies.” Follow them on Instagram at @drbeckyatgoodinside, @ericachidi, @jenniemonness.

Mom Community. “Mysha Pods is great for authentic advice throughout the new mama journey. Cluster for expert and pro parent resources, tips, tricks at the moments that matter when you’re in the trenches and need help getting through.” Myshapods.com.

Giving Back. “Anything and everything to Baby2Baby to get underserved families what they need. And supporting TechnoServe to help women achieve their full potential, which lifts whole communities through equitable economic and social development.” Baby2Baby.org. TechnoServe.org.

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