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Mother Hoods

Mother Hoods: Vancouver, BC

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano


Thinking of heading to Vancouver anytime soon? If so, let very cool mama Adele Tetangco, founder of Garmentory and mother to daughters Jayme, 18, and Cielo, 6, be your guide. Below, she tells us her personal must-visit list. We don’t know about you, but all of a sudden we’re hankering for a summertime trip up North!

What are your favorite places in Vancouver to…
Eat with the kids?
Bubble World. They have bubble tea and the best deep fried chicken nuggets ever.”

Eat (and drink) without kids?
“I love going to Six Acres and getting buzzed on Pimms cups while eating their garlic butter and parmesan popcorn.”

Shop for kids?
“If I’m not shopping on Garmentory or MineMineKids, I’m honestly just going to Value Village and thrift stores to get clothing for my youngest, Cielo. She grows fast. Buying secondhand when I can’t find something made within North America is my go-to. It’s better for the environment and it challenges me in the items that I end up picking out for her.”

Shop for yourself?
“I get everything I need through Garmentory and that’s not just a shameless plug! When I want to go somewhere in person, I head to One of a Few.”

Play with your children?
“This past summer Cielo learned how to ride without training wheels, so we’ll go for a bike ride around the neighborhood (when we have time to kill, it takes her forever to get anywhere). Otherwise, we really enjoy watching movies.”

“Play” with your adult friends?
“Anywhere where we can karaoke.”

Get out in nature?
“We take walks or bike rides around my house by the trail. I saw a beaver swimming the other days and there are quite a few visible eagle’s nests nearby. For outside the suburbs, the best way to see Vancouver is renting a bike and riding around the seawall. In the summer, I’ll take the kids on a water taxi to Granville Island.”

Any good flea markets or thrift shops?
“For adults, I love going to Erin Templeton and Hey Jude.”

Any good museums or art installations?
The Vancouver Art Gallery. And I highly recommend eating at the café—outside on the patio during the summer. The Rennie Art Gallery is great if you’re there when they are doing an event and can get an appointment.”

Favorite hotels you recommend for friends to stay at?
“I’d recommend staying in an Airbnb in Coal Harbour. For hotels, I’d suggest the Loden.”

Where do you take out-of-town visitors?
Stanley Park, Canada Place, and if it’s summertime, Buntzen Lake.”

Any tourist-y places that are worth it to visit?
“Vancouver is beautiful in the summer time and there are so many things to do outdoors. I’d take advantage and come during that time. There’s so much happening in the city. It’s the only two months when it’s warm and not raining!”

For more on Adele, her life, and family, check out her Mother Stories profile.

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