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Mother Essentials: Breighl Robbins

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano

Self-care is serious business for Boston-based mama Breighl Robbins. Not only does she constantly ruminate on the topic for her brand, Ebi—known for its quintet of supportive products for the postpartum period: a multipurpose oil, lactation tea, sitz bath blend, underwear, and nipple pads—she also walks the talk in her day-to-day life. From online workouts and mind-soothing podcasts to low-sugar delights and relaxing candles, take a look at Breighl’s Mother Essentials for herself and her adorable 4-year-old, Phyllis, below. (Plus, be sure to read Breighl’s full MOTHER profile here!).

Melissa Wood Workouts. “This method of movement has saved me this year. It’s so spiritual and really grounds you. You get results too. It’s awesome to be stronger and to fit into my clothes better, but the most beautiful thing this practice has given me is deep gratitude for the opportunity to move. One of my favorite ways to pour into me.” MelilssaWoodHealth.com.

Mad Hippie Vitamin C. “I’m ashamed to say I totally judged a book by its cover with this stuff. The label turned me off, but this serum is the truth. It’s completely clean and I saw a difference in my skin almost immediately.” Mad Hippie Vitamin C Serum, $34, Ulta.

Tahini Goddess Halva. “I’m cutting way down on sugar, so whenever I need a treat I’ll put some of this sugar-free halva on a pitted date. It’s delicious and really hits the spot.” Sugar-Free Halva, $12.99, The Tahini Goddess.

The Tisane Latte. “Since cutting out sugar, I’ve started a nighttime ritual of bringing something special to bed with me. The Tisane Latte really hits the spot. It helps with sleep among other benefits, so it’s an ideal night-cap.” See recipe here.

Collégien Clémence Tights. “These tights are super cute and so easy to style. Phyllis loves them too.” Clémence Tights $45, Collégien.

Trader Joe’s Dukkah Seasoning. “The stuff is great. It’s never in stock at my local Trader Joe’s. It’s delicious on everything. I especially love it on popcorn or with dip and crudités.” Trader Joe’s Dukkah Nut and Spice Blend, $6.99, Amazon.

Bible Gateway App. “Now that the temperature is rising above freezing, I’m getting back into regular daily walks. I walk anywhere between 5-10 miles a day and love listening to The Bible while I do. The audio version of this app is great. It’s a grounding and clarifying practice for me.” BibleGateway.com.

Beautiful Head Wraps. “These head wraps are so versatile and really pull together any outfit. I love the sturdy cotton because they’re so easy to style.” Fanm-Djanm Head Wraps, $28 and up, Fanm-Djanm.

Lauren Manoogian Mules. “These shoes are so comfortable. They mold to your foot. I’ve been wearing them all winter and will likely wear them with shorts and skirts this summer.” Lauren Manoogian Mono Alpaca + Wool Mules, $390, Net-A-Porter.

Epara Hydration Mask. “I naturally have larger pores, but have noticed they’re much less noticeable when my skin is hydrated. This gets the job done. I use it weekly.” Epara Intense Hydrating Mask, $147, Nordstrom.

Brooklyn Candle Studio. “I shower with candles, work out with candles, meditate with candles, etc. Right now I’m eyeing these. I love the minimal design and the artist collaborations.” Candles, $28 and up, Brooklyn Candle Studio.

Liewood Lunchbox. “Phyllis is back in pre-school. With all of the new COVID protocols, I had to find a lunchbox that she could easily open and close herself. I love this one.” Liewood Arthur Lunchbox, $34.95, Scandiborn.

The Oil. “I use The Oil everywhere. After I shower, I rub it all over my body and add a few pumps to my and my daughter’s hair. At night, I use it as a serum and wake up with beautifully balanced and moisturized skin. I have like 4 bottles in different places all over my house. I basically bathe in it.” The Oil, $75, Ebi.

The Bath. “I take baths at least once a week. I light candles, find a relaxing playlist, maybe grab a good book, and soak with The Bath for at least an hour. Though it’s formulated for postpartum, anytime in your life is a great time for this self-nurturing ritual.” The Bath, $45, Ebi.

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