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Mother Essentials

Mother Essentials: Justine Drake of O’Soy

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano

Candle junkies, standup! Today’s Mother Essentials mama is none other than Justine Drake, maker of the yummiest candle brand, O’Soy. Each month, the Costa Mesa, California-based mother crafts delicious scents to complement the season, including the just-dropped Valentine’s Day release, Candy Heart. Other sold-out O’Soy options we love include Cereal Milk, Mexico, and Cafe De Olla (a collab with MOTHER fave Valerie Metz). When Justine’s not creating O’Soy products out of her garage/studio, she loves spending time with her 6-year-old son, Hunter, hanging with her friends, hitting the gym, and spreading a positive message on the joys of having a child with special needs. Check out her 20 current must-haves below!

Moka Pot. “I love the moka pot so much because it is a budget friendly version of an espresso machine! Delicious and rich coffee made right on the stovetop within minutes. I use this every single morning.” Bialetti 3 Cup Moka Stovetop Espresso Maker, $29.99, Target.

Slow Mornings to Myself. “My favorite part of the day is coming home after I drop my son off at school. I love throwing on music or a podcast and making my eggs over easy on toast and making my favorite at-home latte to pair with it. It’s a ritual that means a lot to me.”

The Balance Tumbler by Curated Casita. “I love this mug so much because it was handmade by a sweet, local artist who goes by the name Curated Casita. It’s the perfect size for a large at-home latte and is dishwasher safe!” Custom Balance Tumbler, $60, Curated Casita.

Gym Days. “The gym keeps me balanced physically and mentally. It’s my safe space and is so great for my mental health.”

Nike Zoom SuperRep 4. “I do HIIT training 3-5 days per week and these are a godsend for my knees and back (old injuries)! They look a little funny but they are life-changing shoes for high impact or HIIT training classes.” Nike SuperRep 4 NN Premium, $128, Nike.

Voice Memos. “My friends and I use these throughout the day to talk about anything and everything.”

Baggu Medium Crescent Bag. “I love this bag so much because it fits a ton of items inside and is easy to throw over my shoulder. The design is simple, yet stylish. It’s super comfortable and goes with any outfit!” Nylon Crescent Bag, $52, Baggu.

The Camelbak Eddy Water Bottle. “I carry this thing with me everywhere I go! Hunter has the same one, but in the 24 oz. size. Both sizes fit inside my BAGGU bag and they keep water cool for hours. I love the ease of use with the straw and the color we both have (Dune) is super cute!” CamelBack eddy+ Water Bottle, $27.60, Amazon.

Crocs. “I have been a die-hard Crocs fan since 2014! I was made fun of so much back then! People really didn’t know what they were missing until they became more popular several years ago! They’re easy to slip on around the house or when running a quick errand. These were a life saver when I was pregnant with very swollen feet too! Hunter and I have a matching pair in the ‘Bone’ color and he wears his every single day!” Kids Classic Clogs, $39.99, Crocs.

Function of Beauty Shampoo & Conditioner for Wavy Hair. “I love this brand so much! They cater to my and Hunter’s wavy hair. It makes our hair soft and shiny. A little bit of product goes a long way, so it lasts a long time. I love that I can easily grab it from Target when I need to restock!” Function of Beauty Custom Wavy Hair Shampoo Base with Fermented Rice Water, $9.99, Target.

Car Wash Visits. “Taking my son to the car wash is one of my favorite things to do with him! It’s a special interest of his—we even did a ‘car wash tour’ recently where we went to 3 different car washes in one day! We have an unlimited pass to a local car wash chain, which is just $20 a month. Totally worth it to put a smile on Hunter’s face when we go!”

Therapy! “I love therapy so much and I go once a week. My therapist is amazing and has helped me change my entire life for the better.”

The Empress Soy Candle. “My favorite soy candle from my very own candle line! The Empress was created as a memorial candle for my beloved Siberian Husky, Niko, who passed away last December. I always have one in my home for myself and light it very often. It smells like Manuka honey, tobacco leaf, and amber, and feels like a warm, comforting hug. Be on the lookout for the restock!” Empress Candle, $26, OSOY.

Walks with Friends. “This is a love language of mine!”

Outdoor Delights. “Nights spent in front of the fire pit in my backyard. I love doing this so much. It’s a great way to reset and spend some time outside in the fresh air. I have a cute couch set up with string lights and the fire pit, it’s super cute!”

KBO Ranger E-Bike. “I’m not a regular mom, I’m an e-bike mom! I drop-off and pick up my son at school on this amazing e-bike every day. I know it’s a big item for an everyday essential, but it truly is an essential for us! We have converted the bike with a seat on the back for Hunter and we beat the school traffic this way. Totally worth it.” Electric Cargo Bike KBO Ranger, $1,399, KBO.

Wavelength Cardigan by Milk Teeth. “This is an every day essential for my son! This cardigan is so soft, thick, and bouncy—I wish they sold it in my size too! Great for gloomy mornings here and it goes perfectly with just about any outfit he has on! Anything from Milk Teeth is great.” Wavelength Cardigan, $54, Milk Teeth.

Target Pick-Ups. “I recently starting utilizing the pickup option from the Target app where you park in their designated pickup spots and an employee brings my order to my car. This is super helpful when I am in a hurry, especially tired or when I need to prevent myself from impulse buying items I don’t need!”

Sweet Treats. “Dessert and treats are a special way I show myself love! It’s the experience of going and picking out something fun that I love most.”

Night Routine. “Relaxing in bed with a show and candles lit in the background is my favorite way to unwind after a long day.”

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