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Mother Essentials: Kat Towers

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano

You know those friends who have the best taste in just about everything? That’s Kat Towers. The U.K.-based mama to 2-year-old Bailey (“he’s my daily reminder to live freely and authentically,” she gushes) serves as Head of Culture at LOVE, an independent creative agency, which has fueled her interest in unique, top-of-the-line products. “I’m constantly scanning the horizon for cultural and consumer trends to help brands find their place in the world,” she explains. “My obsession for trends and design extends to my personal interest in the hype-end of beauty, and creating content for my growing community of fellow enthusiasts online.” You can check out the beauty obsessive and proud mama’s feed @kattowers on Instagram (which is where we first met her!). Below, get to know the self-described “half Thai, half Yorkshire, adopted Mancunian” mama better and add to your own Mother Essentials/Mother’s Day wishlist while you’re at it!

Elephant Chair by EO. “As my son gains more independence I’ve been upping his furniture game, including this gorgeous elephant chair by EO.” Elephant Chair, $410, EO.

L’Object x Haas Brothers Mojave Palm Incense Sticks. “These sticks were created in collaboration with the Haas Brothers and master perfumer Yann Vasnier. Mojave Palm is woody and warm, inspired by the desert. They burn for around 25 minutes, but the aroma stays for much longer.” Haas Brothers Mojave Palm Incense, $60 (for 60 sticks), L’Object.

AREAWARE Puzzles. “For mum and dad, I love this ramen puzzle from AREAWARE. In fact, they do so many great ones, and the best thing of all is that they’re designed to be completed in 20 minutes or less.” AREAWARE Ramen Puzzle, $15, Kith.

Brother Vellies Cloud Socks. “This brand, founded by Aurora James, has some of the most phenomenal footwear I’ve seen. While sitting tight in lockdown, I’ll settle for her cloud socks. What makes them even better is that proceeds from their lavender socks fund the brand’s mask making and food distribution initiative in Kenya.” Cloud Socks, $35, Brothers Vellies

Sun Potion White Dragon Matcha. “Great taste and satisfying color pay off—if, like me, you believe the first sip is with the eyes! This Sun Potion White Dragon matcha gives me a nice little boost.” Sun Potion White Dragon Matcha Powder, $67, Revolve.

“Stance” Throw. “My sofa became a microcosm for my whole world in the first few months of motherhood. I did everything from my sofa—feeding, sleeping, FaceTimes, shopping. I love this throw from artist Kelly Anna, who is known for her powerful silhouetted figures. It reminds me of how strong women are, especially new mothers.” Stance Throw, $270, Kelly Anna.

BearBrick x Keith Haring. “I don’t think my son understands the concept of art collaborations yet, but these figurines make me smile. If he’s not into art and collecting when he’s older I’m sure he’ll be interested in the resale value.” BearBrick Keith Haring #6 100% + 400%, $200, Kith

Poketo Wall Planner. “You have no idea how many appointments you suddenly have to juggle until you become a parent. I’m a very visual person, so I like to see my week ahead in print. I love this extra large planner from Poketo—a brand I discovered when I was staying in DTLA, and founded by a husband and wife duo with impeccable curation skills.” Spectrum Wall Planner, $48, Poketo.

Thai “Triangle” Pillow. “These pillows have been around for centuries, and you’ll see them in almost every home in Thailand. If you struggle on your knees when you’re leaning over the bath or changing nappies, get yourself one of these for some comfort and support. Plus, kids love them for soft play. You can pick them up on Amazon in almost every color imaginable.” Leewadee Foldout Triangle Thai-Cushion Floor-Seat with Back-Rest, $144, Amazon.

Rachel Jackson Jewelry. “If you’re looking for a gift for a new mum, or for yourself, Rachel Jackson has some beautiful jewelry pieces, a lot of which can be personalized. They’re on the right side of classic and contemporary for me.” Zodiac Art Coin Necklace, $340, Rachel Jackson Jewelry.

SACHAJUAN Moisturising Shampoo. “I’ve been enjoying this moisturizing shampoo from SACHAJUAN, although you’d probably never ben able to tell, as like a lot of mums, my hair is always rolled into a sleek low bun.” SACHAJUAN Moisturizing Shampoo, $28, Neiman Marcus.

Puzzle Huddle. “I can’t emphasize enough the need for representation, in all forms, in the early years. I’ve just got these for my son as he loves puzzles, but I think the illustrations will mean a lot to him too.” Puzzles, $11.99 and up, Puzzle Huddle.

Then I Met You Cleansing Balm. “I love this cleansing balm from cult K-beauty brand Then I Met You. It recently made WWD’s Top 100 Products of All Time list. It’s also cruelty-free and vegan.” Then I Met You Living Cleansing Balm, $38, Soko Glam.

David Hockney’s Bigger Splash Tote. “When my son was first born, I forwent some of my usual past-times—like long lazy walks around art galleries. I latched onto any way to keep my connection with the art world, even if it was in tote form, like this David Hockney x Tate Modern one. It’s extra large, perfect for your essentials, as well as your child’s. I’m looking forward to getting back into galleries and seeing it all through my son’s wide eyes when lockdown eases.” Hockney Bigger Splash Beach Tote, $55, Tate Modern.

Necessaire Products. “Even before the pandemic, I found myself constantly washing my hands—cleaning bottles, sanitizing surfaces, changing nappies—you know the score. But all that washing and drying doesn’t have to age your hands! This set from Necessaire is phenomenal. If fragrances are your thing, they do some beautiful Sandlewoods and Bergamots. If you’re looking for pure effectiveness, go fragrance free. It’s fast absorbing and packed with vitamins and niacinamide.” The Body Essentials Set, $60, Necessaire.

SKIN Stormie Robe. “I’ve always loved lounge wear—way before maternity wardrobes and lockdown fits came into play. You can still be slouchy, comfortable, and tailored at the same time. Take this SKIN Stormie robe for example. The soft cotton-jersey quilted material is stand out and makes it an absolute must have.” SKIN Stormie Quilted Cotton-Jersey Robe, $170, Net-A-Porter.

Compartés Chocolate. “Any bar from Compartés is an essential. I’ve really missed exploring the food and drink scene during lockdown, but have been making up for it in deliveries.” Chocolate Bar, $9.95, Compartés.

Bala Exercise Equipment. “If being aesthetically pleasing and Instagrammable helps you pick it up and move, I’m here for it.” Bala Workout Equipment, $40 and up, Verishop.

J’Jute Basket. “I never knew why people bought these baskets until I became a mum, then I realized just how handy they can be. I love this one from J’Jute, but of course you can pick them up at very affordable prices. Now, I use mine for toys, wipes, blankets, etc. but when I first had my son I remember using them to store mountains of snacks and drinks for when you’re sofa-bound and in need of nourishment.” Ecole Meeting Basket, $258, J’Jute.

Mini Bomber Jacket. “If you have a little Hypebeast in training, you can’t go wrong with anything from Kith Kids. I love this bomber—and not just because it shares the same name as my son.” Kith Kids Bailey Bomber Jacket, $128, Kith.

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