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Mother Essentials

Mother Essentials: The Mamas Behind MAJO Ideas

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano

Today’s Mother Essentials list is a delicious, double-stuffed rendition, thanks the inspiring bicoastal mamas behind MAJO Ideas. Striking a friendship during the pandemic, San Francisco-based Ligaya Tichy and New Yorker Alex Aranda came together to create a series of inventive, sticker-based art kits, each inspired by a diverse mix of professional artists. (You can read about their latest packs—VOL 11 and VOL 12—below!). Artists, educators, and all-around design obsessives in their own right, Ligaya and Alex’s must-haves run the gamut, from favorite books and games for kids, to PJ pants and wine for mom. Enjoy!


Ligaya Tichy, Mother to Skye, 7

Opinel Kids Knife Set. “I have a 7-year-old sous chef now! This is everything you need for a little chef—knife, peeler, and finger guard. Skye’s so into it we made her a bandolier to carry the tools around.” Opinel Le Petit Chef Kids’ Knife Set & Apron, $50, Food52.

Date Better Chocolates. “I’m drooling just thinking about these date and nut butter chocolates. A decadent and satisfying treat.” 6 Boxes Of Chocolate, $36, Date Better.

Can I Build Another Me? by Shinsuke Yoshitake. “I’m a huge fan of all Yoshitake’s creative books. This one speaks to the things that make us uniquely ourselves in a deep yet silly way. A must for your bookshelf.” Can I Build Another Me?, $16.19, Amazon.

Pala Ceramics. “Everything to come out of the kiln at Pala is just so playful and fun!” Handmade Ceramics, $50 and up, Pala.

Lion In My Way Game. “This is hands down our family’s favorite game and go-to birthday present for kids under ten! Imaginative problem solving at its best.” Lion in My Way Game, $21, eeBoo and Amazon.

Grounds Sneakers. “Shhhh—you no longer have to go to Japan to get this brand. These wild bubble kicks (pictured above) are from my favorite concept store in Oakland, Two Two. So extra, so perfect.” Noopie Fam Sneakers, $260, Two Two.

Buddy Buddy Wine. “Yummy natural wine and cider perfect for a sunny day.” BuddyBuddyWine.com.

Gaia Vitex Berry. “A lifesaver. Moving into my 40s, my hormones have been super wonky. Vitex Berry increases progesterone production, which has helped smooth out my cycle and decrease menstrual migraines.” Gaia Herbs Vitex Berry, $31.29, Amazon.

NTS Radio. “A British online radio station for underground music. Discover tunes that aren’t available through the streaming platforms.” NTS.live.

Dune. “Gel sunscreen that glides on, smells great, and doesn’t break the bank.” Dune The Bod Guard Invisible Gel SPF 30, $25, Ulta.

Wolf + Rita. “I discovered this adorable kids clothing line at Berkeley boutique Min’na. Cheerful patterns, sustainable, and quality construction.” Wolf + Rita via Min’na.

Alex Aranda, Mother to Rainer, 6, and Cy, 3
Yun Hai Su Chili Crisp Mala. “Turns out frozen dumpling night is actually something to look forward to! The kids have yet to adapt their tastebuds, but they’ll get there.” Su Chili Crisp Mala, $14, Yun Hai.

Comme Si La Alta Boxer. “I remain on the fence with pajamas as pants, but cannot resist these stripes and in this color combo. First spotted on Laurel Pantin (PSA to subscribe to her substack, Earl Earl), all the parents at school drop-off are now wondering if I rolled out of bed or am on my way to work—perhaps not mutually exclusive? No one will ever know.” La Boxer Alta, $170, Comme Si.

Salad for President. “Possibly our best option! Healthy, colorful eating—something to aspire to.” Salad for President: A Cookbook Inspired by Artists, $37.20, Bookshop and Amazon.

Our Latest MAJO Ideas Packs. “Near and dear to our hearts, we were fortunate to work with two incredible mothers on these packs! Lada Chizhova, an illustrator based in Germany, brought VOL 11: HOME to life, filling it with whimsical creatures and fantastical spaces. Artist Shawna X, based in Brooklyn, contributed to VOL 12: OP ART. The pack includes a multitude of activities to engage and interact with Shawna’s work from window clings to an agamograph. And if you don’t know what that is, you’ll just have to buy the pack.” MajoIdeas.com.

Lucas Papaw. “What started out as a miracle treatment for diaper rash is now my go-to lip balm. Cuts, cuticles, rashes, not sure how but this ointment does it all.” Lucas Papaw Ointment 2-Pack, $16.40, Amazon.

Bags in Progress Micro Tote. “The perfect sized bag! It fits all the necessities with a little room to spare, just in case you have to grab an onion on your way home. PLUS how chic is the silver?” Micro Tote, $95, Bags in Progress.

Kiosk Rollfix. “Something micro to keep in that micro tote. Forget the obvious benefits of retractable tailor’s tape—this 2” disc will entertain a 2-year-old for more time than you’d think, and when they get to be a bit older I find it to be the perfect distraction as there’s always something to measure. Big shout out to KIOSK, what was once the coolest store in NYC is now an online shopping destination for all the things you didn’t know you needed.” Kiosk Rollfix, $12, Kiosk.

The Wild Robot Trilogy by Peter Brown. “I have caught myself reading this even after Rainer has fallen asleep…that’s how good it is.” The Wild Robot, $8.99, Bookshop and Amazon.

The Great Women Artists. “An absolute must podcast. The silver-lining to packing up all your MAJO orders is a sweet session with Katy Hessel—it keeps me inspired.” The Great Women Artists via Apple Podcasts.

Dance of the Dead Perfume. “A scent like no other. Peony, jasmine, gardenia—simply irresistible. Fair warning, these bottles are a piece of art unto their own…very tempting to collect them all.” Dance of the Dead, $265, Kindred Black.

Le Puzz. “Kindness is Contagious and so are these puzzles! I can’t resist their homage to perler beads. Added bonus: these puzzle pieces are easier to contain.” Kindness is Contagious Puzzle, $32, Le Puzz.

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