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Todd Selby The Selby Comes Home
Mother Essentials

Father Essentials: Todd Selby

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano

With Father’s Day literally around the corner, we are flipping the script on our Mother Essentials column and featuring a good ‘ol dad. Todd Selby—a.k.a. The Selby—is a photographer, director, artist, illustrator, and papa to daughters Ella and Simone. Like us, Todd is obsessed with documenting folks in their personal spaces, and has been publishing the results on his site since 2008. He’s gone on to publish a handful of standout books, including his latest, which focuses specifically on families. Like his previous titles, The Selby Comes Home: An Interior Design Book for Creative Families combines color-soaked photos and whimsical illustrations, alongside playful interviews.

Check out Todd’s Father Essentials of the moment—including his new title, and items from some of our favorite mama creatives (Caroline Rodrigues, Serena Mitnik-Miller, Beatrice Valenzuela, Boo & Sarah from Lady & Larder) who’ve been featured both on MOTHER and in The Selby’s new book!

The Selby Comes Home. “My new book. I’ve been working on it for 10 years.” The Selby Comes Home: An Interior Design Book for Creative Families, $38.02, Amazon and Bookshop.

Lady & Larder Gift Basket. “An epic gift basket, from the genius sisters behind Lady & Larder.” Extra Large Gift Basket, $425, Lady & Larder.

Manuel Folding Camping Chair. “I cannot stand sitting my tush on a metal folding chair. This is where I need to sit. I have 8 of them scattered around North America.” Manuel Folder Chair, $102.99, Arlmont & Co.

Mt. Washington Brown Carved 12″ Planter. “Mt. Washington is a super cool pottery studio, and General Store is Serena’s amazing shop.” Brown Carved 12″ Planter, $1100, Mt. Washington.

William Eadon Eu De Parfum, No. 11. “For men and women, it smells like a watery disco party of ewoks and disco merman. In the best way.” Eu De Parfum No. 11, $181.81, William Eadon.

Monchichi Original Doll, Mini Size. “I used to wake up early to get my Monchichi on. I live for these adorable human monkey hybrid.” Monchichi Original Mini Doll, $20, Merci Milo.

Venus Spoon. “For the housewarming gift for the person that has everything, a handmade shell spoon.” Venus Spoon, $220, Beatrice Valenzuela.

The Cobrasnake: Y2Ks Archive. “The original photo blogger who taught me how to party, make jpegs, and line dance like the best of them.” The Cobrasnake: Y2Ks Archive, $24.99, Amazon and Bookshop.

Diamond Tag Necklace. “The must-have dad gift of the season, from my wife’s very fancy elegant gold diamond dog tags.” ID Tag Double Small Necklace With Diamonds, $42,470, Sherman Field.

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